The Wall at West Cay - A Virtual Dive

With Casio at the helm our skiff flew over the surface of the water heading west past Moonhole to a barren spit of rock known as West Cay. I pulled my hat down over my head and put my mask on so I could see into the wind. Mary looked over at me and laughed! What the hell it worked and I was the only one on the boat with a camera so you will just have to imagine what I looked like.

St. Vincent - Critter Capital of the Caribbean

With dive sites named "Well I Never" and "Critter Corner" you know you are about to experience something special. St. Vincent is known for muck diving in sand and turtle grass but it offers so much more. A diversity of small critters not found anywhere else in the Caribbean and Kay Wilson,owner of Indigo Dive St. Vincent, is an expert at finding them. We put together this slideshow with accompaniment of "Dive Into You" by Austin Wilacy. Click full screen for best viewing. Hope you enjoy it.

Bequia Sweet Sweet!

On Bequia we stayed at a quaint little place called the Gingerbread House facing Admiralty Bay. Each morning Mary and I were awakened by the chirping of birds. One bird in particular always had a special message for us. The Carib called it a “Grackel” and the early explorer and naturalist Frederick Ober in his book Camps in the Caribbes, written in 1880, described it thusly:

On Bequia…is a blackbird, a new species named the Quiscalus Luminosus, which makes the air respond with a joyous cry:

“Bequia, Sweet Sweet, Bequia Sweet!”

Banded Jawfish - Scuba Club Cozumel

After our morning boat dives and lunch we got a tank and headed for a shore dive. We had noticed a shell lined hole the night before on a shore dive at Scuba Club Cozumel and Mary and I wanted to get a look at the occupant.

We found the hole at the mouth of a small cove in about 15 feet of water. This shell lined burrow is the home of the banded jawfish. They excavate the sand with their big mouths and move stones and shells around it with their powerful jaws. They only grow to about 6 inches but their head is huge in relation to their body.