Beyond Pissed - Open Letter to Mr. Hayward

News flash from The Australian dated May 24, 2010.

BP's chief executive has told staff he is frustrated by the company's failure to stop an oil leak in the US Gulf of Mexico and warned that an attempt to do so starting next week could fail.

In an email to staff late on Friday, local time, Tony Hayward said: "I have shared a huge sense of frustration that we have not yet been able to stop the leak", which started a month ago when a rig leased by BP exploded and sank.

Mr Hayward said an effort to cap the well using heavy drilling fluids, a process known as "top kill" that is due to be implemented this week, "would be another first for this technology at these water depths and so we cannot take its success for granted".

Arc-Eye Hawkfish

In the Atlantic there is only one member of the hawkfish family, the redspotted hawkfish, and it is a testament to the biodiversity of the Pacific Ocean that there are at least 15 hawkfishes, maybe more.  Perched on coral this Pacific arc-eye hawkfish waits to ambush small fish or crustaceans.  Not having a swim bladder to provide buoyancy it must dart out to capture prey and then return to rest, perched on its pectoral fins.

Well I Never - A Most Pecular Dive Spot

We anchored in a shallow bay separated by a long black sand beach from a sporadic row of restaurants and hotels. I look down and see sun-dappled ripples of sand through the clear water and off our bow a dark oasis of turtle grass. I’m thinking this is a most peculiar spot for a dive site but the intriguing name has me interested and also wondering how it came to be called, Well I Never.

Proud to be Making a Difference in the Lives of Children

My project will expose students to current events in Science through Weekly Reader's "Current Science" magazine. Most of my students are from impoverished backgrounds and have received few chances of being exposed to current events. Most of the households do not receive newspapers.

I want to use "Current Science" Weekly Reader to make science more relevant to students. Each issue covers covers every area of the science curriculum—life, earth, and physical science, plus health and technology. Content reinforces National Science Education standards. Inquiry-based learning activities make science come alive and excite students' interests. There are also cross-curricular activities that build reading comprehension, math, critical thinking, writing, and vocabulary skills. Therefore, I will connect science across the curriculum.

Porcupinefish - Spotted Spiny Puffer

You have to love this fish with its bulky shaped head, distinctive black spots covering it's body and those huge cow like eyes.  This porcupinefish was so curious that it kept circling to look at me.  It would back off a little ways and then come in again to look with it's other eye.

Brother Orton King - The Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary

How often do you get to meet a real person? A funny question I know but I am asking it honestly because we live in a world of phony people and to meet a real person is quite rare. Well Mary and I had the pleasure to meet a real man on Bequia. He calls himself Brother King and his mission is saving turtles at the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary.

Our time on Bequia was short so I asked Laury Stowe, with Bequia Dive Adventures, what would be the one thing we should do in Bequia.. Without hesitation he said, go to the turtle sanctuary.