The Great White Wall

In the Somosomo straits of Fiji sits Rainbow Reef home of the Great White Wall. If you make it past the ripping current you will enter a tubular cave and exit at about 75 feet where an amazing site will greet you. A snow covered mountain filled with white soft coral that spreads before you like a ski slope. To say that it is breathtaking is an understatement.

Hawksbill at Punta Tunich

I told my great nephew Deacon that I would post some pictures of turtles for him.  I took these at Punta Tunich in Cozumel and they are dedicated to Deacon and MacKenzie his sister.

Stratman Trunkfish

The wreck of the tug boat Stratman sits upright in about 60 feet of water.  Intentionally sunk in Bequia as a dive site it rests on a sandy bottom surrounded by turtle grass.  I was searching for little critters around the stern when I saw Mary start to move slowly starboard off from the bow toward a curious piece of wreckage that resembled a feeding trough.  Several trunkfish, a whitespotted filefish and  porcupinefish were moving in and out of two parallel piece of steel.  Schools of brown chromis were swimming over it flitting back and forth like butterflies and a stream of creole wrasse was streaming overhead round and round like a roller coaster.

Bequia Dive Adventures

Upon arriving in Bequia we hurriedly unpacked our dive gear and headed over to check in with Bequia Dive Adventures.  We found the dive shop a couple of buildings over from the Gingerbread House.  I knew we were going to like this place because the building had so much character reminiscent of what you used to see in the Caribbean.  Painted on one wall of the small green and blue building were two mermaids being chased by an open armed scuba diver.  A couple of dogs were laying next to a green picnic table seemingly unimpressed with our arrival, a large dive flag hung from a pole out front and a walkway  led into Admiralty Bay so you can wade out to the dive boat anchored in waste deep water.  

Ruby Brittle Star

Pulling itself over the sand on its five arms was a ruby brittle star.  We were amazed at how fast it could move.  It looked to be in a great hurry, I would suspect to find a place to hide from us awesome creatures.  Having no head, eyes or ears, I wonder how it knew we were there and maybe it didn't.  Who knows, it could have just wanted to find a safe spot to hide until night time when it could come out and eat.