Blue Angel's Sergio and Benji

After our second day of diving with Blue Angel Dive Shop, Mary and I went up to the Blue Angel Restaurant for lunch. Sergio and Benji were our servers and they brought out a large towel to our table and began folding it. Once it was folded they each rolled their end toward the middle stopping every so often, between laughs and giggles, to pull it tight. The towel slowly formed into some sort of head dressing not resembling anything I had ever seen before. Sergio and Benji asked me to close my eyes and then placed the head dressing on my head. You should have seen the confused looks on the diners at the other tables. They did not know whether to laugh or run from this nut! It was awesome! And so began the ritual of Sergio and Benji trying to outdo themselves each day with a new and creative costume for me when I came to lunch.

Monday - I am, well I’m not really sure what I am. Kay Wilson, of Indigo Dive St. Vincent, said it looked like what might happen if Santa and Princess Leia had a child. Use your imagination. All I know is that Sergio and Benji couldn’t stop laughing and I see why.

Tuesday - Was Benji’s day off but Sergio brought out a blue table cloth and I became an Arab Sheik or is that a Magi, not sure myself but this time the other guests were getting really worried by this strange looking guy with the weird head dressings.

Wednesday - Sergio and Benji came to our table with big smiles on their faces and asked me to close my eyes. They had rolled some big tropical leaves into cones for my ears and instantly I became Shrek and Mary, of course, was Fiona.

Sergio and Shrek
Sergio, Shrek and Benji

Thursday - I was eager to get to lunch after our morning dives to see if Sergio and Benji could keep up the creative pace and I was not disappointed. They brought out a green table cloth and palm fronds and instantly I became the Roman Emperor, Caligula. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it was because I remind them so much of Caligula; you know the typical cruel, extravagant, and perversely insane tyrant emperor type. But that didn’t stop me from giving a royal address to my loyal subjects, (fellow diners) before proceeding to eat our delicious lunch in my crazy royal emperor robes.

Benji, The Emporer Caligula, Sergio

Friday- I just knew that Sergio and Benji would be out of ideas but sure enough they brought out a long piece of folded papers, like an accordion, stapled together to form a collar. Sergio ceremonially stapled it around my neck and Benji proclaimed me King Timothy the 5th. I didn’t want to ask what happened to the first four so I went with it.  Since September the 15th was Mexican Independence Day I was a little concerned about ending up on the wrong side of another revolution so I kept the whole "king" thing low profile.

Sergio, King Timothy the 5th, Benji

In our travels we find that it is the people you meet that make a difference between a good trip and a great trip. I want to thank Sergio and Benji for their laughter and friendship and for helping to make our stay at Blue Angel Resort in Cozumel one that we will remember for a lifetime.

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Anonymous said...

Hi this is Eva..

Sergio wants to tell you "thank you for your comments it makes me happy it makes me enjoy my work more. me and benji say have a nice merry christmas, and come back soon."

and i wanted to thank you for doing this for the guys and also for blue angel. my only regret is that i was in canada for your visit. please come again so i can meet you too...
eva kristine
blue angel resort

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